Pops! Concepts is a full-service beauty care, MakeUp consulting, Beauty advisory and enterprise support firm founded in 2010 and headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria.

Pops! specialises in creating trade, education  and consumer events for the MakeUp and Beauty industry to enable it perform and run on its own fumes, one of which is called The MakeUp Fair Series (TMUFS)

The Make Up Fair Series – Nigeria’s Premier & Leading Beauty Exhibition

TMUFS Background

The Make Up Fair Series (TMUFS) is Nigeria’s premier & leading beauty exhibition company created by Pops Concepts. Under the direction of Pops Concepts’ Founder and Creative Director, Omolola Faleye, the series has gone on to be a highly anticipated event which takes place in 12 major cities across the country annually. TMUFS has helped emerging and established brands find a platform that allows them grow, interact and sell.

The event, which is typically held live, had it’s first Virtual fair in 2020  which became a huge success. As the world pivoted to adjust to the waves of the Coronavirus, so did the beauty industry. And with such a personal service as the industry provides, a lot of brands and professionals had to find more creative & safer ways to get their jobs done. For TMUFS, the goal then became how to reach a wider audience and have greater impact.

With more than 90 makeup & beauty brands signed up, 700,000 impressions, capacity building workshops, mega sales and more, they used Instagram LIVE to host Africa’s first Virtual Beauty Fair.

With so many record breaking achievements, it is easy to see how TMUFS has become a must-attend on the beauty calendar each year.

This year, TMUFS celebrates its 70th edition! Touring the country and giving beauty brands, beauty professionals and beauty enthusiasts a place to call their watering hole every year. 70 editions, an unlimited number to go – TMUFS is only just getting started!

Meet the Founder – Omolola Faleye

For some, a dream is nothing but that – a dream. Their loftiest ambition created to remain in their minds. But for the TMUFS Founder & Creative Director of Pops Concepts, Omolola Faleye, a dream is simply the next ‘t’ she’s about to cross.

Omolola’s Story

As a Beauty Entrepreneur and Expert in the Beauty Management and Trade industry,Omolola is backed by over 17 years of experience across many roles. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting from the University of Abuja, holds a certification in Innovation and Strategy from Harvard Extension School and is a Memberthe International Association of Exhibitors and Events (IAEE).

Omolola started off in Information Technology/Information and Communication Technology (IT/ICT). She resigned from her role in Project Management and dove into the world of beauty. Her first job? A Brand Representative for Sleek – an International Makeup brand in Nigeria. Rewarding her for her excellent performance, outstanding commitment, sales and marketing efforts in Northern Nigeria, the brand named her the Best PR Distributor for Nigeria in 2008. The following year she became the Managing Partner for the Sleek Franchise in Abuja.

This set Omolola on a path to success in the beauty industry, making her mark as she climbed the ladder. She received the LLA100Women Award in 2017 in recognition of the Most Inspiring Women in Nigeria. Also in 2017, her business was recognized by SME100 as one of the Most Innovative Female-Owned Businesses in Nigeria. Omoloa went on to be nominated for the Beauty Entrepreneur of the Year by Genevieve Magazine Beauty Awards, and is perceived to be one of the top purveyors of beauty in Nigeria.

With all these accolades under her belt, it was glaring that she had found her ocean…and it was time to perfect her swimming skills. Today, Omolola is trained in Business Management from Daymond John Academy; Digital Marketing from the School of Media and Communication, Pan-Atlantic University; and Creative Enterprise (CEP) – British Council Nigeria and Youth Enterprise with Innovation – EDC Pan African University. She equally holds an Executive Certification in Project Management from Project Management College, UK.

Omolola Today

The Omolola Faleye you see today is evidence of work done. She  leverages on her years of knowledge of project planning and management, and exposure to the intricacies and dynamics of the beauty industry and her passion for the cosmetics and beauty industry, to help beauty businesses and entrepreneurs build profitable and successful brands. One of the ways she does this is through Africa’s largest Makeup & Beauty Industry Trade Show – The Makeup Fair Series (TMUFS).

The TMUFS Platform – The 70th Edition

With 70 successful editions across 12 major cities, The Makeup Fair Series has revolutionized Nigeria’s beauty industry. It has provided a credible and vibrant platform for industry professionals and businesses to find footing, showcase their brand, expand exposure, sell, and go on to increase sales. TMUFS is West-Africa’s premier beauty trade show and a direct response to the previous non-existence of beauty trade shows curated exclusively for the makeup & beauty industry.

The TMUFS brand also has smaller events designed to cater to more specific audiences like The Makeup Runway Africa (MURA) and Beauty Pitch Africa (BPA) both targeted at also expanding the beauty community network.

She leads the charge at Pops Concepts – mandating strategy and organizational direction, overseeing project and brand promotion, brokering partnership deals and overseeing the brand’s clientele base and business development.